Born in the vibrant city of Malaga, Moshem has transcended borders and musical genres to
become one of the most influential names in the national and international scene. Since his
beginnings as a DJ and producer, he has taken his art to new heights, conquering the hearts of
electronic music lovers around the world.

With unparalleled dexterity at the mixing desk, Moshem has created a unique sonic universe
that fuses elements of Afro House with captivating melodies and energetic percussion. This
distinctive fusion has been acclaimed by some of the most prominent names in the industry,
including Black Coffee, Keinemusik and Jamie Jones, who have downloaded and played his tracks
on the world's most prestigious stages.

A resident at the iconic Studio Club in Torremolinos, Moshem has established his dominance in
the local scene, delivering sets that transport his audience on an unforgettable sonic journey.
His ability to create an immersive atmosphere and his passion for music have made him a
favorite among clubbers and critics alike.

Moshem's impact goes beyond the dancefloors, reaching global platforms such as DJ Mag and
Netflix, where his appearances and interviews have cemented his status as an ever-evolving
artist. His music, charged with energy and emotion, has resonated in the far corners of the
globe, being played and acclaimed on Spotify and iTunes in over 50 countries.

With every performance and every production, Moshem continues to challenge the boundaries
of musical artistry, bringing with him the vibrant spirit of his hometown and leaving an indelible
mark on the global electronic scene.